Vacate Your New York Bench Warrant Today!

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  • That Bench Warrant Can Cost You Your Job!

    Another Job Saved! As a lawyer, I have to put up with being the butt of my share of lawyer jokes, but it’s never something that offends me — probably because I know that I am the FARTHEST thing from the stereotypical lawyer. The fact is that there is NOTHING I enjoy more than helping […]

  • How to Vacate a Bench Warrant in New York

    A Real-Life Sample Case A few years ago received an email from a United States Army Sargent stationed in Germany. He was being invited to join an Elite Force subdivision of the military and required additional security clearance for his position. The problem was that he had an old bench warrant for Theft of Services […]

  • NYC Cracking Down on Bench Warrants

    New York City has been cracking down on bench warrants in the past three months.